About Barb

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting my little corner!

I'm Barb, born in 1994, in Hungary, with Austrian ancestors.
I love new cultures and new people, cooking, baking and eating, photography, and crafts.

I started this blog to jot down my travel experiences, so that I can remind myself of the wonderful places I've visited, and I can share them with friends.

My travel story is somewhat different from all the travel bloggers out there: I don't come from a family of travellers and adventurers, I started exploring the world with friends and my boyfriend.
There are many difficulities in my life that could have stopped me from starting to travel, including this one I've just mentioned. I don't come from a wealthy family, I've never stayed in a hotel (yet), and I'm also a university student, which makes it even harder to save money for travels.
I'm gluten intolerant, which makes travelling pretty difficult, as I need to prepare my own food most of the time, I can't trust restaurants and anyone cooking for me apart from my family, and I can't always rely on shops selling gluten-free food, as I was disappointed to find in Montenegro.
I'm also different from other travel bloggers in the sense that I'm not an expat, I haven't been travelling for months or years constantly, and neither have I been to 20+ countries already.
I hope that during the blog's life, my readers will see this change, and in a few years time, I will have seen a whole lot of the world!

 I'd like to show people that nothing is impossible, and that if you really want something, you can always make it come true.

Hope that you will enjoy reading my experiences and seeing my photos of all the wonderful places I'll be visiting! :)

why the title of the blog?
Parov Stelar - The Sun

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