Thursday, 7 July 2016

Inspiration for the Destination - Spain

Spain. Sun shining on your skin, salty air in your lungs. Old houses, big castles, breathtaking sights and great churches all around. History. Strange, unusual, exciting, gripping. Art. Self-expression brought to a new level. Huge mountains, crystal clear turquoise sea, picturesque views. Seafood. Chilled sangría in your glass, sweet cake on your plate. Locals smiling at you.

Before travelling, we usually like to watch a few movies set in the given country, or listen to their music. It makes us even more excited for the trip, and helps to live in the moment and appreciate the little things. 

 We've just arrived home from Spain, and we are definitely still under its charm. I decided to write about what we watched and listened to for inspiration, and I'll probably write about other destinations, too, in the near future.


Vicky Cristina Barcelona
I really like this movie, and it shows Spain so well! It's about two American girls travelling to the country, exploring both the city and the country. It's about love, art, adventures, good and bad decisions. In my opinion, this is the best movie for those in need for some Spanish inspiration. 

The Spanish Apartment
Life as an exchange student in Barcelona, learning to live and party together with foreigners with strange habits. Getting to know a whole new culture. As you watch the movie, you almost literally walk around Barcelona and you get plenty of time to admire all the landmarks.

The Way
A movie about life, family and walking the Camino. Really inspirational and touching. It's a must for those interested in the Camino, but please be prepared to have your heart broken.

+ Pandora and the Flying Dutch Man
Since we spent most of our time on the Costa Brava, and this movie was filmed in the wonderful town of Tossa de Mar, I think it's a must! Tossa remembers this movie very well - movie posters in the streets, statue of Ava Gardner, even a square named after her.


For Whom the Bell Tolls (E. Hemingway)

Really loved this book! Set during the Spanish Civil War, telling the story of a young American in the International Brigades. 

Winter of the World (K. Follett)

I know, this book really is not about Spain.. The Century Trilogy had a huge impact on me, and I'm absolutely in love with all three books. This second one has quite a few chapters set in Spain, and those chapters really inspired me to see this country for myself. History lovers like me will definitely enjoy reading this book!


What would you add to the list? Which items do you know and like? Have you been to Spain? Which Spanish towns are on your bucket list?

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