Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Greek Date

Did you know that I celebrated my first birthday in Greece? Because of that, I decided to prepare for the Greek date on my 22nd birthday! Again, it was easy to decide what to cook, as both of us are big fans of Greek cuisine. 

Though, as it was my birthday, we had plenty to eat already, so I didn't prepare too much food.

The Menu:
  • Greek Cold Fruit Soup
  • Gyros Plate & Tzatziki
  • Lemonopita
  • Dates

Greek Cold Fruit Soup
This was the perfect choice - cold, easy to prepare and it's ready in 10 minutes! In a bowl, I put 200 g of fruits of my choice, finely chopped. You could choose anything that is a bit softer, or even canned fruit. I chose pear, cherry, grape, pineapple and peach. I poured 250 ml of cooking cream and 200 ml of fresh orange juice into the bowl, and that's it! It's best served chilled.

Gyros Plate and Tztatziki
Well, I didn't really use any recipes, so the amounts depend on your taste. I cut 500 g of chicken breasts into small cubes, and marinated them (1 dl olive oil + 80 g gyros spice mix) for 20 minutes. You could bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes, or in a frying pan, which takes half of that time. I also prepared fries for the plate and a salad, which consisted of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese and cucumbers. For the tztatziki, I grated a cucumber and two cloves of garlic, I seasoned it with white pepper, and mixed it together with a cup of yoghurt.

I cheated a little here. In a bowl, I poured 100 g of rice flour (I also added a bit of ground poppy seeds, as I thought it would go well with it, but I didn't really like its taste), 50 g rice groats, 80 g sugar, a bit of baking powder, a small cup of yoghurt (150 ml), 2 eggs and 40 ml lemon juice (I used orange juice). I baked it at 160°C, for 35 minutes. You could serve it with some kind of syrup.

Do you like Greek cuisine? There's only one country left.. can you guess which one it is?

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