Friday, 24 June 2016

Houses of Budapest's Grand Boulevard

One of my favourite events in Budapest must be Budapest100. Every year, the team works hard to find 100-year-old buildings in the inner districts, find out about their story and all the famous people who had ever lived there. For a weekend in April, most of these houses open their gates, organize something for the visitors, like games or quizes, and the BP100 team members tell them about each and every house's history.
Though, it's only one weekend every year, most of the buildings located along the Grand Boulevard can be visited any time, as there are often shops and offices inside. 

These buildings have seen so much.. two world wars, revolutions, regime changes, births, deaths, happiness, sadness, grief, children growing into great-grandparents. A whole different lifestlye with servants and elites, millions of people so different from each other.  Whenever I walk between those walls, I just wish they could tell me about what they have seen.

I brought some photos of these places we visited this April, hope you'll enjoy them!

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