Tuesday, 3 May 2016

10 Free Things to Do in Amsterdam

We spent this last April weekend in Amsterdam (and a bit of it in Vienna, and part of it on a "Germany road trip"). As you probably know, my family and I went to Belgium, France and The Netherlands in March, and my boyfriend couldn't come with us.. so, of course, I felt like I had to show him Amsterdam, which resulted in us booking the trip!
 I was very happy about doing so, as we only had so little time that it was only enough for first impressions. 

 Because Amsterdam wasn't actually planned for 2016, we had to be clever and do everything on a budget. Well, we did everything for free, to be honest, we even avoided the public transport, which resulted in walking 30 kilometres in 12 hours! All we spent money on was our lunch from Albert Heijn's, my gluten-free stroopwafels and some souvenirs. 

I Amsterdam Sign
We really wanted to see this sign, and climb on top of it, and well, it's a must, isn't it. We arrived here at 7.30 in the morning, which means there was nobody there - the sign was ours! Fortunately, we both managed to take several photos of each other, and we could also sunbathe for a bit, then walk around the pretty gardens.

Flower Market
I'm a huge fan of tulips, and my boyfriend likes flowers as well, so there was no doubt we'd go and see this amazing place. We'd read some reviews which said it was a bit risky buying tulip bulbs, as it's almost never what the package says, so we avoided doing so. But there were some wonderful flowers to admire along the canal, and it was lovely walking past them and smelling their sweet scents.

Discovering Begijnhof
A wonderful courtyard from the 14th century - beautiful old houses all around, nice churches and pretty gardens! It was really nice wandering around Begijnhof for a while, I needed a bit of a break from the busy city, and this hidden gem gave that to me.

Walk along Prinsengracht
A breathtaking canal with beautiful bridges, lovely old houses on both sides, an old church, a tulip museum, and, of course, the house of Anne Frank! So much history surrounding you in just one place. 

Go inside Churches
Even if you're not religious. They are beautiful! Also, they are warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. A great way to relax for a while. We visited the English Reformed Church, Nieuwe Kerk and the Church of Saint Nicholas in Amsterdam.

Cheese Tasting
We LOVE cheese, and Amsterdam offers all the flavours and types that you can imagine! Most cheese shops let you taste most of their products, and well, they are heavenly..

A really nice park near the centre of the city, for those who like relaxing and sunbathing. We walked through the park, and were surprised to find hundreds of shells in the sand!

Tulip Festival
April is the month of tulips! In case you're visiting Amsterdam, and can't manage to visit a park in the country, you'll be happy to find that the city has thousands of wonderful tulips all over, in different kinds, shapes and colours. Of course, it's not the same, but even this took me under its charm.

Walk along the streets of the Red Light District
I guess it's unnecessary to explain. Even if you think it's not for you, you could just go during the day, and discover the cute little streets further, see the beautiful De Waag. 

Tile Hunting
Yes, as I've already mentioned, I'm really obsessed with pretty tiles, so I fell in love with them next to the entrance doors along the streets. I took like a hundred photos of only the tiles, yes, that's me!

Have you been to Amsterdam? What do you find the most interesting in Amsterdam?

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