Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tiles of the Grand Boulevard Houses | Budapest

This past weekend, we went to the 6th Budapest100 event. As I've described in a post last year, Budapest100 takes place on an April weekend, and celebrates the 100-year-old buildings of the Hungarian capital. Since there weren't too many houses built during the WWI, this year (and the following few) will be thematic. 2016 was the year celebrating the 120-year-old Grand Boulevard! 
The Grand Boulevard is one of my favourite places in Budapest (apart from Andrássy Avenue with the Kodály Circus), so I was pretty excited, eventhough I knew about everything going on behind the scenes, as an intern. 

In the next few weeks, I'm sure to write a post about the whole event, and share a lot more photos of the wonderful houses. As I'm a huge fan of awesome-looking tiles and floors, here's a collection of some of the photos we took the other day.

The photo above is an exception, but we loved that carpet! It's in Radisson Blu Hotel Béke****, also located on the Grand Boulevard.

In case you're interested in our Budapest100 photos from 2015:

We found this swan-symbol in several houses, especially in the 6th district. I like the frame with the ivy!

This 'B' was definitely made for us in the 8th district, as it's the first letter of both of our names. Also, red tulips are my favourite flowers in the whole world! What else could I wish for?!
Made in 1885. 

This was kinda simple compared to all the others, but I liked it! Looked great in a simple 8th-dictrict house.

These two are my other favourites, from the same 8th-district house. Simple colours, but a lovely ornament of the old building.

Cute old tiles from the 9th district. Unfortunately, the house was really neglected, so we only stopped for a photo of the tiles.

Another simple one from the 9th district.

Our favourite from district 9! And tulips, again! Also, this was taken at the beginning of our walk, so our shoes were rather clean.

13th district, next to the Nyugati Railway Station. I must admit, I really don't understand the concept, but that flower looks pretty nice. 

The first building we visited this weekend, in the 13th district. Love the minimalism here!

Wish newly-built houses still had such lovely tiles!

Which is your favourite design? Is it only me this obsessed with pretty tiles? 

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