Friday, 15 April 2016

Belgium Road Trip

Three weeks ago, my family packed for the first trip abroad that even my little brother will remember. This time, I had to slow down a bit, and experience being a tourist instead of being a traveller. We had lots of fun, made amazing memories, and I was soo happy to see my beloved little brother being this interested and enthusiastic about it!
We flew to Brussels, only two days after the terrible terror attacks. The plane was half full/half empty. Arriving to Belgium, thousands of people were taking care of us.

We avoided Brussels during our trip, and concentrated on smaller cities and towns, but we also took two daytrips: to Paris and Amsterdam! We had very little time to see these cities, we only had time for a first impressions, so my boyfriend and I are heading back to both capitals this year. Actually, Amsterdam, can't wait to see you next week!


On our first day, all we wanted to do was seeing some nice waves, smelling the salty air. My brother was only one year old when he last saw the sea, therefore we really needed to show it to him again, and he was eager to find out if it really tastes salty. He was happy to find out it does. 
 In Zeebrugge, we first went to see the port and the  h u g e  ships in the harbour. Of some I thought they were great warehouses on the land, but then they started moving.. we were amazed!
 Then, we headed to the beach, and the view took our breath away. Adorable white cabins, sandy beach, an unimaginable amount of seashells laying beneath our feet, the sight of the port in the distance. Those wonderful deep blue waves, the smell of salty fresh air. We spent quite some time admiring the sea, and of course, collecting seashells!


After Zeebrugge, my mother and I really wanted to see the adorable canal-based city of Bruges. The whole country was full of daffodils, but Bruges had even more of them, and the bright yellow matched the brick walls perfectly! Just as we got to the old centre, it started raining really heavily.
 But we were not afraid, so we jumped out of the car, walked the lovely cobblestone streets, admiring the beautiful little houses, and looking out for cute details. For a moment, I felt like I was in Copenhagen once more: I was in love with every house again, and if I had to decide which to live in, I would have been in trouble doing so. I'll definitely need to go back here some day, to see more of the city!


I was just as excited for Ghent as I was for Bruges, and nor was it one to disappoint! This was another city with lovely canals to walk along (I guess you could tell we have a thing for canals!), and with lots of historic landmarks and buildings to explore. We arrived on a Sunday, and they were having a flea market by Sint-Jacobs Kerk, which I instantly fell in love with! We walked by lovely colourful houses, old church buildings, adorable vintage gift shops, and even shiny chocolate shops. 

Though, we didn't have too much time, and we also forced Amsterdam and Paris into our itinerary, I think we managed to make the most of it, and got an impressions of all the wonderful places we visited. I was happy to have an adventure like this with my family, even if it was rather touristy. :)

 Have you been to Belgium? Do you have a favourite city or town there?

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