Thursday, 10 March 2016

Pros and Cons of Living in Eastern Europe

I think that most people like to play with the idea of moving abroad, and therefore like to list the pros and cons of leaving and staying. I'm both one to think about moving to another country, and one to write tons of lists!
 The other day, I took it a little further, and thought about the advantages and disadvantages of living in Eastern Europe as a traveller. 

Reading travel blogs about visiting Eastern European countries, and travelling such countries myself, I can now almost say that I see both the side of locals and the side of visitors. 

Visiting these countries is cheap
Pros: That's definitely true, because these are the most inexpensive countries in Europe. Lucky there are several such countries, so we can even travel cheap as Eastern Europeans.
Cons: This doesn't mean that it's also a cheap country to live in. It's cheap if you get your salary abroad and spend it here, but earning your money in Eastern Europe and spending it elsewhere is a trying experience, most of the time.
It also makes it more difficult for us to find places where we don't go bankrupt on the very first day of our visit.

History is everywhere!
 History is everywhere! These are countries with usually lots of centuries behind them, and everywhere you go, you will find something worth seeing or visiting. History left its marks all over these countries.
Middle ages with great kings and queens, the Mongol invasion, Ottoman wars, World War I, World War II, being part of the Soviet Union.. just to name a few.
You will want to prepare before visiting, and look up our history, as you'd be surprised to know that almost everything you'll pass has something to tell.
Cons: -

Their cuisines are strange, but great!
Pros: Both locals and visitors love our cuisines, as they are extraordinary, and you're less likely to be able to eat Hungarian or Polish than Chinese anywhere else in the world. 
You will probably be able to taste things that you never thought you would, and will love it!
Cons: No matter how much we love any other country, we are likely to miss the products and meals of our own, as they are almost impossible to find elsewhere. Sometimes I tend to forget that 'túró rudi' won't be on the shelves of most other countries, and still keep looking for them.

Do you have foods of your own country that you miss abroad?

They speak some rather strange language
Pros: Our languages are unique and beautiful. Some could also consider it a disadvantage, as we will need to learn other languages to be able to communicate well with foreigners, but I love that!
We can also talk about anything and everything abroad, as people are not likely to understand a thing we say in our motherlanguage. 
Cons: We need to prepare beforehand to be able to read the labels of the items in shops. Sometimes we won't be able to find labels translated to any language we speak.

Oh, that wonderful nature!
Pros: Most of these countries lack the seashore with white sand beaches, but we have mountains all around us! And they are breathtaking. Both locals and visitors can spend lots of time hiking, admiring nature, swim in wonderful lakes..
 And even despite the beautiful mountains, we will still love other mountain ranges, jungles, pine forests, deserts and sandy beaches abroad. We might even overappreciate them (if that's possible).
Cons: We tend to underappreciate what we have. And if you're used to all the places listed above, you might be a tiny bit disappointed. Except if you want mountains. We have them. And we also have beautiful wild flowers.

Palaces, castles, mansions and ruins
Pros: We have that all! We have tons of castles and ruins due to our history, and you are likely to find them not just near capitals and big cities, but also in the countryside. You will love them!
Cons: We sometimes miss them abroad.
They are only developing countries..
Pros: Most of these countries aren't developed countries yet, but you'll be surprised to see that you underestimated us!
But that's fine, and we are also happy to travel abroad and see that there's still so much difference, despite globalization.
Cons: You might not find everything on the shelves of our shops that you are used to. 

Have you been to Eastern Europe? What do you think of the country you visited? What's most appealing to you?

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