Friday, 19 February 2016

Most Adorable Hidden Streets of Copenhagen

It's been a month since we first glanced at Copenhagen's skyline, and first realised what hygge meant. Ever since the very first moment, we've been under this city's charm, and we fell in love with every second building we saw. Copenhagen's streets are so unique and magical, one needs to see it to really feel it!

My boyfriend and I prefer cities with an old, historical centre, and Copenhagen did not disappoint. We travelled through about six zones, and they all had something historical to offer. I've never seen such a fabulous capital city before, and I guess it'll be difficult to change that.

What I loved about this place the most was that we didn't even need to look for sights to see - not only because they were everywhere, but because we also found much joy in just admiring its adorable coblestone streets, colourful old houses and wonderful views.
I also need to tell you about the locals, who made our trip a whole, and made us smile regularly. Can you imagine a local old couple coming up to you in a park, asking if you want them to take a photo of you, then start talking to you about your experiences and impressions of the city, and afterwards, tell you about its history and its buildings, spicing it up with some personal stories?
I Love people of that kind!!

Lille Kirkestraede

This street was our very first surprise. We were just walking around the city centre, when I took a look inside a little street, and I was so happy I did!


Christian IX's Gade

This was the building we fell in love with immediately! We spent like 10 minutes standing in front of it, just admiring the architecture. How amazing is this?!

Nikolaj Plads

Fortune Straede

Frederiksholms Kanal



Olfert Fischersgade

 You may have seen the movie 'The Danish Girl'.. well, then you may remember a scene that ws filmed in this particular street!


This was the other house that took our breath away. Same as the other one: we spent another 10 minutes admiring it, and never got tired of doing so!


This was my absolute favourite little street in Copenhagen! It was well-hidden, small and cozy, with adorable colourful houses of nice (mostly) pastel colours, and a wonderful cobblestone street. Isn't it charming?

These were our favourite little streets in the Danish capital. Hope you enjoyed seeing them, and didn't mind all these photos!
Copenhagen really stole our hearts..

Which street or house would you choose?
Do you have a favourite colourful town? 


  1. I adore this post idea! I'm heading back through Copenhagen on a layover next week, so I might have to hunt one of these down :)


    1. Thanks, Emi! Hope you'll have the chance to admire some of these streets :)