Thursday, 4 February 2016

How I Cheated on London with Copenhagen

It was our very first late night walk in Copenhagen, when I started having a foreboding. I had tons of items on my what-to-see-in-Copenhagen-list, but we kept stumbling upon houses, buildings, sights and squares that we weren't expecting, but fell in love with them anyway. 

I'm deeply in love with England. I have already visited three times, spent there long weeks, explored so much. We've just arrived home from London, and we are still mesmerized. This capital will probably never be boring. As much as I love this city, I need to also admit that it's not my most loved place in the wonderful country of England. I prefer smaller towns and villages that are more 'British'. 
This, I'm rather just telling myself so that I feel less guilty.

We were extremely excited for Copenhagen, and the city was not one to disappoint. We finally found out how hygge feels.
The Danish capital was everything I wanted. And also VERY COLD. That wasn't something on my wishlist. But you know, love is blind.
So there we were, after a nice flight, surrounded by welcoming, friendly and really helpful people, always smiling at us, for no actual reason. It was amazing!
Copenhagen was loving.

There were breathtaking old buildings everywhere, colourful canals so lovely, and exciting history to learn more about. There were hidden gems all around; Copenhagen was always one to surprise me.
Copenhagen was exciting.
He took care of the enviroment, by thousands and thousands of cyclists. He promoted a healthy lifestyle so unusual to me.
Healthy food and drink options in all the supermarkets, fresh fruit and vegetables, sports facilities.
Copenhagen was caring.

Lots of candles on the streets, in the windows, in all the cafés and restaurants. How could one not fall for something so romantic?
Can you imagine laying in a hammock, in the warm room, and watching the heavy snowfall? We were lucky enough to experience it everyday during our wonderful stay!

We fell in love with Copenhagen, and I definitely feel guilty about it. You know, when you travel a lot, you are being asked 'Which was your favourite destination?' a LOT. And that's a question I hate. I feel like I've left a bit of my heart everywhere I've been, and most of these destinations are uncomperable. They are beautiful in their own ways.
And I feel bad everytime I need to choose just one - why should I betray any of my loved ones?

How do you feel about answering this question? Do you find it as difficult to answer as I do?


  1. This has to be my favorite blogpost title ever!

  2. Copenhagen seems so lovely, it's on my wishlist for sure x

    1. You should definitely visit Copanhagen, it has tons to offer :)

  3. Copenhagen looks and sounds incredible!
    Thanks for Sharing & Happy Travels!


    1. Thank you, Vicki! Hope you'll soon get the chance to visit Copenhagen :)

  4. Lovely post! I also fell in love with Copenhagen, albeit it was more of a summer romance ;) It's just a bewitching city!

    1. Thanks, Jessi! Glad you also loved Copenhagen :) I guess it's almost impossible not to fall for this city!