Saturday, 9 January 2016

Budapest from Above

As I've already told here, I'm a huge fan of seeing everything from above, climbing viewpoints and towers, so I decided to share my absolute favourite photos of my hometown, Budapest.
Fortunately, the Hungarian capital offers tons of opportunities to see the city from another perspective, and I need to admit, there are still viewpoints on my list I haven't ticked off, eventhough I spend lots of time here. But well, wouldn't it be boring to realise that there's nothing else left for me to explore in Budapest?!

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As Pest is the flat side of the city, and Buda is the one with mountains and hills, it's not that surprising that most photos were taken from the Buda side, looking over at Pest. Thankfully, the Danube bank is embellished with breathtaking buildings on both sides, so the view is guaranteed to be picturesque!

  • The Chain Bridge Tunnel

This is a really special place, a little bit hidden from the city, eventhough it's perfectly in the centre. It offers a unique and wonderful view of Budapest, and I can't really think of a more romantic spot in this city. People like to climb up here at night, drink wine, talk and admire the beautiful capital.
I'd recommend you walk along the Chain Bridge from Pest to Buda, and then you'll see the tunnel already. You have to turn right before the tunnel, there you will find stairs that lead up to the top. It's free, of course!

This is a most popular place in Budapest, and it's pretty easy to understand the reason behind the fact. It's close to some sights of the city, a very famous spa, right on the Danube bank, above Budapest, and offers a wonderful view. And yes, it's free as well!
 It's a nice walk up the hill, with small balcony-like things by the path, from where you could take awesome photos. 
Up there is the Hungarian Statue of Liberty, and a fortress called Citadel.

Photos taken from the path leading up to Mount Gellért

  • Fisherman's Bastion

The Fisherman's Bastion is definitely one of my favourite buildings in Budapest, with its breathtaking details,the mixture of architectural styles, and the picturesque view from up there. The balconies and some of the towers are free to enter, but the upper towers have an entrance fee of 700 HUF (approx. 2.3 Euro).
It's easily accesible by bus, or by a walk from Adam Clark Square (from where you could also walk to the tunnel).
I've been lucky enough to wake up at 4 o'clock on a sunny summer morning, so here are some photos of the sunrise for those sleeping late.

  • St. Stephen's Basilica

    This is also a really touristy spot, but absolutely worth visiting, and fortunately, the opportunity to climb to the top is not very well-known. If you like great churches, you should deifnitely walk inside to see this place (for free), as well as the right hand of the first Hungarian king, St. Stephen. Well, actually, you can't see much of it..
    The entrance fee to the top is 500 HUF (approx. 1.58 Euro), you can choose to walk up the stairs, or take an elevator. 

  • Photos from other tall buildings

Have you been to Budapest? Do you enjoy seeing cities from above? Could you recommend viewpoints in your country?


  1. I LOVE your pictures ! :)
    Looks like a wonderful city that I'd like to visit at least once.

    Kenza from

    1. Thank you, Kenza! :) You should definitely visit Budapest, it has so much to offer!