Friday, 29 January 2016

Being Home After 3 Countries in a Row

Travelling to three countries in a row probably doesn't sound that much, but to me, who usually takes one step at a time, and needs time to soak it all up, and needs to step outside from time to time to be able to really feel it, and truly be there.. it was a first step into a new life. 

Our first destination was Denmark. I wanted to visit this country for a really long time, and my boyfriend was really enthusiastic about it as well. Denmark took our breath away, and both of us fell in love. It offered us so much to enjoy - wonderful architecture, amazing history, beautiful nature, healthy lifestyle, really lovely and well-dressed people. They really smile all the time!
But there was also a huge disappointment waiting for us: eventhough we knew it would be insanely expensive, we were shocked at each and every pricetag. This was the first country where we ran out of money (hopefully, also the last).

After coming home, we were really happy to see the prices we are used to, and finally be able to eat enough. People say that after travelling, they always feel like their home country or home town is really boring. This isn't true for me - I'm still in love with Budapest, and I have lots of places on my summer bucketlist for Hungary.
However, we were really disappointed to get back here and hardly ever see a smiling face, or a lovely cashier. I seriously miss those positive vibes!

Next was Sweden. We didn't have too much time to explore this country, but we definitely got a good taste of it. We can't wait to go back and see more!
The country was really similar to Denmark - it was also expensive, though, somewhat cheaper. Lots of history, healthy lifestlye, and it was rather a mixture of old and new, not like in Denmark.

Now that we have left Scandinavia, I really miss all the healthy food and drink choices from the supermarkets, all the fresh vegetables and smoothies from the shelves, and all those cyclists.

Our third destination was England. After Denmark, people seem to be less friendly everywhere, though, in my memories England was a country full of nice and polite people. Of course, it didn't disappoint, but in comparison, it was a surprise to me.
My boyfriend fell in love with the country for the first time, and I did so for the third, despite of the fact that this was our most challenging and trying trip ever. London, you did everything to hate you, but we are so fond of you, it hurts!
I'm still in love with this huge amount of history, and the oh so perfect architecture. I'll probably never be tired of England.

You know, this might sound strange, but I really miss trams in London, I don't really know why.
I'm also really upset about the fact that England is so proud of its history, and there are monuments everywhere, and these sights are well preserved, while Hungary lets lots of these wonderful places and buildings go to waste. 

It's good to be home for a while. I can finally sleep in my own bed, eat gluten-free food that I know is safe, and my feet are finally able to have a rest (which I desperately need). I'm also happy that I can finally eat túró rudi, which I'll probably never find abroad.
I can't even find the words to tell how happy I am that I had the opportunity to visit such wonderful places, and that I could share all the joy and difficulities with my boyfriend.
Now that I'm home, all the experiences are starting to settle, making me even happier about this first month of the year well travelled.

How do you feel when you're home after travelling? What do you miss about your home most when you're away?

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