Sunday, 27 December 2015

Our Colourful Trip to Venice

Our trip to Italy has its own story, that we probably will never forget. My boyfriend was on holiday with friends, when I booked two surprise tickets to Italy. I was sooo very excited!! But instead of a confirmation email, I received the message that there were no tickets left.. I texted him immediately to tell him about my disappointment, and even before he had the time to reply, I wrote an email to a travel agency to ask if they had two tickets left for a trip three days later. Fortunately, there were only two seats left, so I booked the tickets, and two days later, when he got home, I only told him not to unpack, and only have a shower, and change clothes - six hours later, we were on our way to Venice!

We travelled by bus, and the journey was long, but the scenery was a  real compensation. We've wanted to see this amazing city with the wonderful canals forever, and I also have an amazing friend who lives there and had told me a thousand times to go and see this breathtaking place for myself (though, she wasn't home at the time we arrived, and about that I was a bit sad..). 

From Portogruaro, we took the train to this adorable city. I need to admit, the train ride only added to the adventure-feeling, and we enjoyed the view a lot! 

As we arrived to Venice, of course, it started raining, but we fell in love with the place immediately! I was afraid it wouldn't be as perfect as it is in photos and movies, but I think it was even more beautiful. 
And, guess what, after just three or four minutes in the city that I've wanted to go forever, my camera broke, out of a sudden. Because why not here, why not now??
Thanks to this, there were only a few photos taken with my camera, and all the others are of a much poorer quality.

Though, Venice doesn't seem to be a huge city, we got lost about a hundred times (and loved it!), we walked through narrow alleys for like eight hours, and I'm pretty sure we still couldn't see everything, but fell in love with everything we managed to see.
 I loved the colourful little houses, the hidden gems, the breathtaking architecture, the amazing sights, and the picturesque view. 

I was the happiest person to see the Piazza San Marco flooded, smell Italian dishes everywhere I went by, see fresh seafood at the market, see nostalgic vintage postcards all around Venice, and Doge's Palace captured my heart instantly.

And yes, I'm the girl to have fallen into a canal in Venice, and not a little ashamed of it! Would you belive the water was actually really warm, though the weather was awful and rainy? 

Did you know Budva used to be part of the Venetian Republic, therefore the architecture of these two are really similar?

Have you fallen into a Venetian canal, yet? Are you planning on doing so?

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