Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Travel Personality

Have you realised that people who travel usually have soo much in common, and they are so alike in a way, but they are all just really different and extraordinary at the same time? Lately, I searched for travel personalities, and I was amazed to read blog posts on how differently everyone loves to travel, while all they want is almost the same. This inspired me to share with you what my travel personality is!

The Planner and Organiser

I'm the kind of person to organise everything, and plan tons in advance. I will collect every piece of information before departure, I will look for must-see-sights and places off the beaten path, I will read every travel blog about the given place that I stumble upon, and I will ask relatives or friends who have been there or lived there. I will have a perfect schedule for our time spent abroad, but I won't necessarily follow it - it's kind of a backup plan.

The Light Traveller

Many people struggle with overpacking, but I'm always surprised at how lightly I pack. I'm really proud of this, actually. When I was small, I went to summer camps all the time, and that was when I learned to make a short list with necessary items on it, and pack light. 

The Budget Traveller

I don't think I need to explain this. As I'm a university student, and I only have a part-time job, and I'm also the kind of person who loves to save as much as possible, I do my best to spend my money wisely, and if it takes ages to find a budget accommodation, I will look for it for that long.

The Wanderer

I definitely hate sitting still, and doing nothing. I don't like staying at my accommodation too much, or laying on the beach all the time, I need to go out, and explore as much as possible, or even get lost, just soaking up the local culture.

The "I-must-see-it-all"

As I'm always on the go, it's logical that I also want to see everything, now! I have to see every tourist attraction, do touristy things, but after that, I also need to explore the hidden gems, and do as much in the given time as possible. This also has disadvantages, like rushing all over a place, and then getting really tired.. and if I can't sit down for 10 minutes then, I will be really upset!

The 'I-must-see-it-from-above"

Well, no matter where I go, I have the urge to climb up something and see the whole place from above. Don't ask for reasons, I don't know either. You can see some photos of cities from above in this post.

The Photographer

Oh yes, the photographer! That's me. I will take literally thousands of photos everywhere I go, and I need to stop every once in a while for the perfect picture. When I said thousands, I really meant it, I take several memory cards with me on every trip, and sorry, not sorry!

The Postcard-Collector

I'm sure I've already mentioned this on the blog, but I'm a huge fan of postcards. Whenever I travel, I buy one, and if a friend or family member travels, I ask them too to buy me a card. My favourites are, of course, the ones with hand-written messages on the back, and some nice stamps, but an empty one will also make me happy!

The Problematic

Definitely. As I'm gluten intolerant, I can't eat anything, and it sometimes takes hours to find something that is gluten-free. I can't pop into bakeries for something cheap to eat, can't eat at restaurants safely, and street food is almost never guaranteed to be gluten-free.
 And I've also got some injuries, therefore, I can't walk too much at a time, need to stop every once in a while when hiking, I'm not allowed to ride a bike (this  really is awful!), and when I'm sore, I am really unbearable, yes.

Now that I've shared some information about my travel personality, I hope that I could convince everybody that people really can't be labeled. So many things are true for us, but they are not necessarily in connection with each other, and because you know one thing of the other, it doesn't mean you know them at all.

 What about your travel personality? Are you alike me, or totally different? :)


  1. Oh, this is such a cool idea! I'm with you on the planner/light packer/pretty much everything hahaa... But I'd never thought to collect post cards of see it from above! Next city I go to, that's a must. Great post. (=

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Daphne! Seeing a city from above is a great experience, as you get a chance to see every tiny bit of the place all at once - it's like the pieces of the puzzle are put together!

  2. we are so similar (except that I can eat anything! )

  3. we are so similar (except that I can eat anything! )

    1. It's so nice to meet people who are similar to me :) and you are lucky to be able to eat everything, I guess it makes you less of a problematic ;)