Thursday, 3 December 2015

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

This is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Thanks to this month's travel link-up, I got a chance to 'legally' write an additional blog post on the topic, so here's my list on what I need to do to fully enjoy the festive season! 

  • See and touch snow
    I have an amazing friend, Agos, she lives in Argentina, and we've been friends for about 9 years now. We like to talk about how we celebrate, and even share some photos with each other, and I enjoy pretty much finding out their Christmas traditions. I'm truly schocked every time I see a photo of her, by the swimming pool, in a summer dress, while I'm watching the snow fall.. though, I really had the time to get used to this! Actually, I can't really imagine myself celebrating Christmas without the cold and the snow.

  • Connection
    To me, december is the time of the year to send hand-written letters and postcards to my loved ones away from me. I really love doing this, it's such a beautiful tradition, and it fills me with joy to know that in a few days (weeks) time, someone will be very happy to receive something else than bills when they go to the letterbox.
     And, of course, I'm beyond grateful to get a hand-written card anytime of the year, but mostly when I know that a special person took the time to do something really nice for me!

  • Mulled wine and gingerbread
    Seriously, is it even Christmas without these two?? Fortunately, I've stumbled upon the best gluten-free gingerbread recipe, so I'm not left without them. I love to mull everything, including red wine, white wine, cider and so on, but I also enjoy a glass of homemade Bailey's.

  • Walking along Andrássy Avenue
    Andrássy Avenue is a must see in Budapest, but in December, the trees are decorated, and there are Christmas lights everywhere. Can you imagine walking along such a wonderful avenue in the snowfall? 

  • Christmas movies
    Oh, well.. Love Actually all the way!! I'm sooo in love with that movie. But I also need to see The Holiday, Four Christmases, Home Alone, and so much more! Do you have a favourite one?

  • Budapest Christmas Tram
    Some of the trams are wrapped in Christmas light during the season, and you can travel by them along the river Danube, and just admire our wonderful city. This is one of my favourite activities in Budapest.

  • Christmas Markets
    I'm planning two posts on the topic, so for now, here's a nice photo to leave you without words.

  • Preparing and wrapping presents
    This is almost my favourite part, but I guess, some of you can relate. It's very similar to the feeling of writing a card or a letter :)
     I'm also planning a post on what to gift for travellers for Christmas, so if you're interested, "stay tuned"!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? :)


  1. I adore handwritten letters & cards too, they are just SO special!

    1. Right?! I'm glad to know it's not just me who enjoys this kind of magic :)

  2. I totally need to get that gluten free gingerbread recipe from you as am struggling to find one that isn't all soft and crumbly.
    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

    1. I melted together 125-125 grams of both honey and butter. In another bowl, I poured 600 grams of gluten-free cake flour, but you can substitute half of that with rice flour, so it becomes somewhat harder and less crumbly. I added a bit of baking powder, powdered ginger, cloves and cinnamon, 1 tablespoon each, but it's up to you to decide about that part. I also added 3 eggs, then mixed together the two mixtures. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, then bake the cookies at 180°C, for about 6-8 minutes. I hope you'll like it!

  3. Oh, Christmas movies are the best! I feel like I'm behind schedule watching them. We always take time to watch Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday, and A Christmas Story (which reminds me, I need to buy that last one on iTunes since I can't find my DVD).

    1. Yes, watching Christmas movies is a must! I'll need to watch A Christmas Story, as I haven't seen it yet. Hope you'll soon be able to catch up with watching these awesome films :)

  4. Mulled wine - I am going to have some this weekend coming, good reminder thank you!

    1. :) Some mulled wine can make things so much better!