Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Markets in Central Europe

 As you probably know, I really love Christmas, therefore, I found it necessary to combine my two favourites, Christmas and travelling, and explore the best markets in Central Europe. Though, I've not visited too many cities during the winter months (thanks, exam period in December!), I loved them all, and I plan to continue this little tradition of mine and visit many more places in the upcoming years.

Budapest, Hungary

Vörösmarty Square

There are a number of Christmas markets in the Hungarian capital, but the biggest one is near the shopping street, on Vörösmarty Square.
 Here you will find lots of small wooden houses, offering handmade goods, lots of natural soaps and candles, sweets, mulled wine, and of course, Hungarian dishes! Kürtőskalács is a must, but you can also try "töki pompos", something like our "lángos", and salami, sausages and everything one could wish for. Also, you can find lots of gingerbread, as they are a big hit at Christmas markets around here.

St. Stephen's Basilica

Though, this one isn't the biggest in the Hungarian capital, I consider it one of the most beautiful markets and festivest (does this word exist?). It's really friendly, offering lots of Hungarian dishes, and with several food trucks. In the middle of the square i also an ice rink. My favourite thing about this market is that it also offers a free visit to the Basilica, and an opportunity to climb up to the top of it for as little as 500 HUF (1.57 euro).

Vienna, Austria

As I've already mentioned, I've been to the Viennese Christmas Market a number of times, but I still can't get bored of it! Here's a post focusing on the Viennese Christmas markets, with much more photos and details, in case you've missed out on it.
What I really loved was that there were the huge decorations all over the city, and the adorable mugs in which they served the mulled wine and punsch! Here you can also taste sausages, hot dogs and roasted chestnut, and the goods they offer are similar to the ones in Budapest, but the range of selection is much wider.




Christmas Village at Maria Theresien Platz


Krakow, Poland

Last year, we visited Krakow and Zakopane in December. We really enjoyed our trip to Poland, and especially Krakow, was a pleasent surprise to us. I'd recommend tasting 'serki z grilla', grilled artisan cheese with cranberry jam, as it tasted wonderful, and it's also gluten-free! Of course, mulled wine is a must in Krakow as well. The Christmas market takes place on the main square, right next to and inside the Cloth Hall. It's most enjoyable during the night!

Have you been at European Christmas Markets? Do you have a favourite? :)

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