Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015: A Year in Review

 Now, that the blog is almost a year old, and it's also the last day of 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some interesting and important moments of the year, and also give you (and myself!) a picture of where I travelled and what I did.

 In a few days, I'll also share my travel plans for the new year, but now it's time to see what happened in the last 365 days!
There were some months when I didn't travel, due to my studies and difficult times at university, but I tried my best to make the most of 2015, and I am really pleased with what I've made of it!


First of all, I started this blog in the first month of 2015, and have been improving it and planning ever since.
As for my travels, my boyfriend and I celebrated ourselves in January, and so he took me on a surprise trip to the highest point of Hungary, Kékestető! I absolutely loved looking at the huge mountains, and I can't wait to go back there some day.
A few weeks later, we travelled to Hévíz, the world's second largest thermal lake. Can you imagine how amazing it was to swim in the warm water, while the weather was freezing cold?!


The second semester started at university, so I tried my best to fully concentrate on my studies. This month, I mostly planned upcoming trips and travelled to the countryside to visit my boyfriend's family.


In the first spring month, we travelled to the wonderful town of Székesfehérvár, to explore the magical Castle of Bory. I can't describe how much I fell in love with this castle, which is not well-known enough, in my opinion. It truly reminded me of a Disney castle!


In April, we finally headed to a destination I was dreaming of for ages! We went to one of my favourite countries, Austria, and visited Hallstatt and Salzburg. I really loved both of these towns, but Hallstatt was so uniqe and wonderful, that I will need to go back several times, to experience it again and again. 


This month was all about my finals, so I was happy to even survive. During the month, I started planning our summer travels.


June was my favourite month this year. I not only passed all of my exams, but started sewing (and made my first trousers and playsuit!), and I also celebrated my birthday with friends and family. As for my travels, we travelled to Montenegro for almost two weeks, and we fell for this secret gem of the Balkan. We stayed in the beautiful city of Budva, visited Sveti Nikola, Sveti Stefan, Rafailovici, Przno and Kotor. Also, we cliff-dived for the first time, and loved it!


We spent the first few days in Montenegro, and then, we travelled around Hungary. We visited my beloved town of Zebegény, and the adorable town nearby, Nagymaros. We also travelled to the lake of Balaton with my family, spent there a few days, and visited two of my favourite towns by the lake, Balatonboglár and Keszthely.


In August, I spent a day at Sziget Festival, and I need to say, I can't imagine a year without going to a summer festival! I missed this place sooo much. Though, I'll need to cut down on the amount of money I spend on festivals (not like I spent too much on them), so that I can travel more. I also travelled to Gödöllő, to visit my friends and spend a day with them, having fun. My boyfriend and I also managed to visit a few museums in Budapest that we've wanted to see for ages, especially the House of Terror. If you're in Budapest, I'd recommend visiting this place, as it's beyond perfect.


Before the beginning of the autumn semester, we travelled back to Székesfehérvár with my family, to the hot air ballon festival, a dream came true! The bonus is, that it was also free. How awesome is that? Afterwards, we travelled to the nearby town of Agárd, by the lake Velence, and admired the night view.


In October, I spent a few days in Vác, the city that reminds me of so many events, people and things it would be difficult to list. Whenever I think of this place, I have mixed feelings, but I need to admit, it has some amazing sights to offer. I also bought the very first plane tickets of my life (my first flight at the age of 1 doesn't count)!


This month, we headed back to Gödöllő with my family, and just relaxed by the wonderful castle. 


Exam period, again. I concentrated on my studies mostly, and booked the second set of plane tickets of my life! Looking back on this year, I'm really happy I managed to do this well at university, work, and also travel as much as I could. :)
I'm also proud to not have given up on the blog (yet)!

Here, you can see some more photos of what my year was like.

Again, thank you for visiting my blog, and reading my posts! Those who even comment are the cherry on top!

How did you spend 2015? What are some important things that happened to you, or interesting places you visited? :)

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