Saturday, 21 November 2015

Top Universities of England

During my first visit to England, I was very excited to see some wonderful buildings, like old colleges and universities. I was surprised to see that all these buildings were greater and much more beautiful than the universities in Hungary, and all so prestigious.

When talking about British universities, one will definitely think of either Oxford or Cambridge. I was lucky enough to see both of these universities, and even Eton College.

 The University of Oxford was established before 1096. I can't even describe how wonderful this place was! I fell in love with the wonderful architecture, the old stone walls and columns. I spent a lot of time admiring the colleges while walking in the garden. The garden was huge, with lots of beautiful flowers, tall trees and bright green grass.

 But not only the University and its colleges are beautiful, the city of Oxford is also breathtaking! Old little streets, lovely cafés and charming little alleys! 
 Also, this was the place where I first drank Starbucks - back then, I didn't even have a clue it was anything famous or 'trendy', it was just a café we could stop by.

 Our next stop was Cambridge, the university estabilished in 1209. I was fascinated by the lovely old town, the castleish buildings, and the gardens of vibrant colours. Trinity Lane was one of my favourite places to wander around, it was so picturesque! Should I even mention the Bridge of Sighs? Oh, that breathtaking view, with the adorable boats on the river.. You definitely don't want to miss seeing that.
 As Stephen Hawking used to study here, the movie about his life, The Theory of Everything, was also filmed at the University of Cambridge.

 We arrived in Eton just after wandering in and around the Castle of Windsor, and that day made me fall for England even harder. Oh well, just how many times I've written this sentence.. 
Eton is an English boys' independent boarding school, estabilished in 1440. I don't think it will surprise anyone, as this college is just next to Windsor, but yes, Prince William and Prince Harry also attended Eton!
   An interesting fact is, that movies like A Week with Marilyn were also filmed here, and as a huge fan of the Agatha Christie novels, I need to also mention that her character, Captain Hastings is also a fictional old Etonian!

Have you visitied any of these places? What do you think of them? :)

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