Saturday, 7 November 2015

The London Vibes

I was thinking about writing a post about London, but I was also thinking about what kind of new information I could provide in connection with the city, when you can find a London's guide on every travel blog.

I knew I had to show this place to everyone, no matter if they've been there or not, but I also knew I didn't want to post the same thoguhts everyone else does. Therefore, I decided to share with you my first impressions of the city, my favourite snapshots I took so long ago, and some hidden corners of the place.

 I've been to London several times, and always loved it! My last time there was about 5 years ago, but I hope to return soon. It's not a secret, London is not my favourite city, but England in definitely a favourite country of mine. :) 

 I liked how "international" the whole city was, and how many cultures mixed in there - but this is also a reason why I wasn't so fond of London. When I'm travelling, I like to experience a nation's own culture and soak it all up, but I couldn't do that here. Good thing is, it's possible all around England, and this city is just az exception. 
 It's also full of history, which I truly admire! It was so much more different from the history I experience in the middle of Europe, and I liked that! 

Everytime I travelled to the UK, it was spring, and I remember very well seeing my favourite flower, the red tulip, all around the place! It says a lot about both the country and its capital how many wonderful parks they have, where people go out and take a walk, have a picnic, or have their lunch. Oh, and those adorable squirrels!

I loved wandering its beautiful streets, admiring its great architecture. While Madame Tussauds was a memorable experience, seeing the city from top of the London Eye was breathtaking, and my favourite things to do were exploring the Tower and our visit to the Emirates Stadium!
I also found my favourite monument in London: the monument to the Women of World War II.

How do you feel about London?


  1. Thank you for the beautiful post and the beautiful pictures! I have been just once to London (sniff) and I remember that I really really loved it. Everything is so classy, so fancy and at the same time so normal and punk! I really love this mixture!

    Thank you for the tips you gave (I really love the momument for the WW II women): next time that I´ll finally go to the city, I will make sure to visit all the places you love!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Arianna! Describing London as both fancy and punk is so very accurate! Hope you will soon be able to return to this wonderful city :)

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