Saturday, 28 November 2015

Snapshots of Croatia, and a page from my 13-year-old self's journal

My siblings and I saw the sea for the first time 8 years ago, when I was just 13. We were all very excited about it, and as we arrived at our destination, we got under Croatia's charm. This was our first holiday with my mother abroad. 

As this was ages ago, and we had a really poor camerea back then, and the memories are everyhing, but fresh, I decided to share a page from my 13-year-old self's travel journal with you, and some wonderful photos. Actually, yes, I wrote the journal in English! I hope you'll enjoy!

"Our trip to Croatia began on the 1st of July, in 2007, and lasted 5 days. We went by car, which took a long time, and we almost froze to death during the night. One thing we soon realised was that the Croatian tunnels were extremely long! 
 From Split, we got to the island of Brac by ferry. We could choose to take either Jadrolinija or Splittours (choose the previous one, always!)

 Supetar is a wonderful little town. The streets are full of beautiful (mostly purple) flowers, you can also see lime and kiwi trees, and  olives groves, which, one can easily tell, I've always been in love with. 

 Also, the narrow little streets are really romantic, my favourite was Ulica Ive Vojnovica, which is situated right behind a shop where where we bought Coca Cola Zero for the very first time! During late night walks in the harbour, one must eat some icecream. Strange thing is, you get much of it, and no matter where you buy it, it's always unbelieveably delicious.

 Apart from the nice buildings, wonderful chapels and streets, there are also some amazing beaches. Behind the harbour, there is one that is not too big, but beautiful. Although it was closer to our apartment, my favourite was the beach somewhat further, with huge chutes. I enjoyed them a lot! Right next to them is a great pizzeria, it was the first place where I ever ordered in English! On the other side of the beach, there is a beautiful old mausoleum.

We also visited towns such as Splitska and Sutivan, which were absolutely fabulous, with hidden little bays to swim at, surrounded by forests. Bol's trademark, Zlatni Rat was breathtaking, I must admit. There is a huge crowd here all the time, but it was totally worth the visit.

 In Split, we managed to take a tour under the Palace of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian. It's really big, and magical. The main street is very modern, but all the other streets are part of the wonderful medieval town. In one wide street, leading to the harbour, we ate the best chocolate filled doughnuts ever one can even imagine."

 It's important to mention that I wasn't gluten intolerant back then, so neither the icecreams, nor the doughnuts were gluten-free.

 Have you been to Croatia? Do you have any memories from there? :)


  1. A lot of friends if mine have been to Croatia and they all came back with heart-shaped-eyes. Now I get why: those pictures are great! I mean... there are hidden bays where you cans swim? That´s pure paradise!

    Thank you so much for sharing! With the cold winter coming, seeing those pictures made me so happy!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Arianna! The hidden bays are wonderful, you must see them for yourself! Hope you soon get to explore them :)