Thursday, 26 November 2015

Review: Eurolines Experience

This last summer, we had an opportunity to travel with Eurolines, as you might know, we travelled from Budapest to Budva. After some long hours experiencing Eurolines, here is what we think of them!

As we were really sure about travelling to Budva (and in this one case, we didn't decide about the method of travelling first, but about the accommodation), we had very little time to book everything, and to decide about travelling.
 Since there wasn't any flights from Budapest to Budva (or Tivat), and we also knew that we wanted to do this on a budget, plus we really don't mind travelling for long hours, we knew we would have to take a bus in order to get to our destination. I started looking for timetables, and I stumbled upon Eurolines. This is how our story started...

Price: This has always been an important aspect for us, so this is how they actually won our hearts. Our bus tickets were really cheap, I consider it a very reasonable price. Though, we didn't get any discounts.

Departure and arrival: I was really happy to see that their departure and arrival times are just as reasonable as the price. I'm kind of fed up with all the bus companies departing at 2 AM, and arriving at midnight.. We departed at 15:15 from Budapest, arrived at 08:45 in Budva. When going home, we left Budva at 19:15, and got home at 12:45. 
 I was glad that we were never late, we also arrived a little early both times.

What we loved about the travels: 

  • The buses were really big and tidy. They looked very nice, and they were also clean. Despite the long hours, we weren't suffering, as the (reclining) seats were really comfortable, and because the bus wasn't full, we could occupy two seats each!
  • There was a toilet, for "minor" things, which was also clean, it had toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.
  • We stopped about every 4 hours, and we could ask for longer breaks at stops like Dubrovnik, to admire the city. The bus drivers were really kind and helpful! We asked them to drop us off at our accommodation in Budva, because we knew it was far from the bus station, so they did.
  • The buses had air-conditioning, so it wasn't scorching hot on the bus during the day, and we didn't freeze to death at night. I was really grateful for that!
  • We could take any handluggages, and a big suitcase with us (max. 20 kg)

What we weren't really happy about:
  • I could have used some power sockets, actually.

What we also LOVED about our travel, but we don't think it's part of the Eurolines experience, is that we drove through beautiful small towns, and drove along the sea shore for hours, which made us fall in love with the journey itself, and we could cry from happiness admiring the wonderful view! It was breathtaking!

After this good experience, we were planning on buying a Europass, which would have been awesome, but turned out we had to check-in at every city three days before departure.. and well, what if I don't want to spend three days in every city I visit? So now, we are looking for other options, but if you have an experience with Europass, please, share it with me in comments! 


  1. I have been braking my back going back and forth from germany to italy with Eurolines and I finally switched to another company with the same price, but with more comfort. But I have to admit that traveling by bus is such a great experience after all: it´s cheap, you see the landscapes and the small cities!!

    O, and btw: I LOVE the two rucksacks!

    1. Thanks, I'm in love with our rucksacks, too!
      Oh yes, seeing the landscapes and small cities is a huge bonus. Which is your favourite company? :)