Saturday, 14 November 2015

My Travel Story - 100th post!

Can you believe that this is my 100th blog post? Because I surely can't!
Thanks to this 'occasion', I decided to write my travel story, and share some more information about myself (and some of my favourite travel photos)!

As I've already mentioned on this blog, I'm a lot different from most travel bloggers.. I don't come from a wealthy family and a family of travellers and adventurers. I haven't been to 20+ countries, I haven't been travelling for months or years constantly, and I'm also a university student, who doesn't just want to pass their exams, but also wants to perform as good as possible.

In my free time, I like to plan my next travels, create an awesome itinerary, and of course, travel!

 My first ever trip was to Crete, Greece, with my parents. It was (of course) my first time flying, on my first birthday, in 1995. It was also the last time when it was just the three of us. Here's an adorable photo of my beautiful mum and me :)

After that, we mostly travelled to the lake of Balaton, but 6 years later, in 2001, I headed to my second adventure abroad, first time without my parents! What an adventurer I've been my whole life!

 I spent 10 days in Romania, with some acquitances, but I don't have any photos of this trip. I remember sitting on the window sill a lot, and admiring the wonderful mountains and hills. Well, that's more than nothing, right?

 This same year, I also started primary school, and from that next summer, I went on 10-day-long hiking camps for 6 years. Thanks to these camps, I lost 5-7 kilograms every summer, and also explored most of Hungary: forests, lakes, caves, mountains, sights, small towns, big cities, everything! I loved that.

 In 2004, on the 31st of December, after a wild party with my family and my sister's Godparents on New Year's Eve, my sister and I fell asleep around midnight, and woke up in Bratislava, Slovakia! Now, that was awesome! I remember there was a lot of snow, and we walked around the city all day long. I really loved the old little streets, the castle, and the view from up there. Since then, all I wanted was to see more and more of the world!

In 2007, my family headed to the first family holiday abroad. Back then, we didn't know it would also be the last one together.

 We headed to Croatia, and my sister and I were very excited to see the sea, for the very first time! We spent some wonderful days in Supetar, had a room with a view, swam in the sea all day long, looked at dolphins in the sunset. We went on daytrips to Bol, Split and Sutivan. This was a very special summer for us, and I guess we will never forget it.

Two years later, there came a new opportunity for me: a 10-day-long school trip to England and Belgium! I wanted that so much I can't even describe. We visited London, Cambridge, Oxford, Eton, Royal Tunbridge-Wells, Allhallows, Dover, Chiddingstone, Rochester, Windsor and Knole Castle. We ate so much Pringles I'm kinda ashamed of that! I fell in love with England instantly

 A few months after this trip, my family lost a person... or rather, a person lost our family: my father left us. 

 I wanted to make the best out of this, so this turned out to be a motivation for me to travel and see the world, realise that this doesn't mean I'll never have a place in the world, and that I'm unwanted everywhere and by everyone. 

 That winter, I went to Vienna for the very first time, and this trip was followed by 4 Vienna-trips the following years. Can anyone tell I have a thing for Austria?

 I really love how Austria is a mixture of old and new, East and West, the history I know very well, and some things that surprise me about it, the feeling of home, sweet home, and the great unknown.

2010 also brought me something I never dared to wish for: another 10-day-long trip to Brussels, Melk, Linz and England! That year, I returned to Dover, London, Allhallows and Rochester, but added some new destinations to the list: Brighton, Avebury, Canterbury, Hever Castle, Stonehenge, Seven Sisters, Wilmington and Winchester. This trip made me fell for England even harder, and made me want to see a lot more of the island. I hope to visit the UK in the near future, because I really want to share this wonderful country and the experiences with my boyfriend! (okay, it's less of a favour, I also want a lot more of the UK..)

In the following years, I mainly travelled inland (some of my destinations I've written about: Balatonboglár, Siófok, Tihany, Sopron, Pécs, Vác, Zebegény) and to Vienna.. and of course, Budapest.

 2014 brought something very new for me (yes, just the last year!). In the summer, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a random train journey: we went to Déli train station, hopped on a random train, and found ourselves in Komárno, Slovakia! We experienced travelling together abroad for the first time, and the wonderful excitment of seeing another world. 

 A month later, I randomly wrote to a travel agency to ask if they still had tickets for two to Italy.. they replied just a few minutes later: yes, they depart in 24 hours! My boyfriend came home from holidays the next morning, and I guess I had a great surprise for him - I booked the tickets!

 The next day, we arrived to Venice, and then explored the adorable town of Caorle. :)

 Travelling to Italy made me realise that nothing was impossible, and we both knew we wanted even more adventures like this together. 

Share your story with me! :) 


  1. HOW GREEEAAAAAT! Congratulations: you are an inspiration, a pure source of joy! And thank you so much for sharing new infos about you!!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words, Arianna! You've just made my day! :)