Thursday, 5 November 2015

My Favourite Travel Things

Thanks to this month's travel link-up, I needed to think of a few things I loved about travelling, but I still can't stop writing the list! I'll try my best to only share the shortened version with you, but I can't promise anything.

Planning and packing

I'm the kind of person who plans tons in advantage, looks up things to see, places to visit, foods to eat, and won't ever get tired of it! I'm the kind of person who starts counting the days back from the very moment of booking the tickets (74 days until our next big one!). I'm the kind of person who starts packing at least a week in advance, because it makes me feel sooo excited! I love planning almost as much as travelling.

My backpack

I really love backpacks in general, but this is about MY backpack! This wonderful rucksack was bought by my mother, even before I was born! It must be about 22-23 years old now, and after my mum, it's my turn to use it - ever since my boyfriend and I started travelling together, it accompanies us on all of our trips. Sad thing is, she might not come with us on our trip in January. That would be pretty bad.


I'm so obsessed with photography I can't even describe. I love to eternalize moments and feelings, take photos of places, people and things so that I can bring back those memories, no matter where or when. Currently, my camera is broken, but I can't wait for the moment I can hold it in my arms again!


This is kinda in connection with photography.. Well, I really like postcards, and you might know that I also collect them! Fortunately, I have tons of postcards already. Whenever a friend or a family member goes abroad, I always ask for a postcard - it's small, cheap, but awesome! I also like cute messages on the back, with some interesting stamps :)


Every time I travel, I kind of feel like also travelling in time. I'm a real history-maniac, and I like to learn about each country's or city's past, experience something others have decades ago, touch things people have centuries before. 

Doing something for the first time

This can mean so many things, and I'm almost sure I mean all of them. I like to step out of my comfort zone, I like to do something that scares me, but I know is safe. My boyfriend is someone who truly encourages me to do all these things, and it makes me feel much braver, and also makes me realise that I can do so much more than I ever thought. The last thing that made me feel the adrenaline rush during my travels was cliff diving! Unfortunately, the photos taken of me aren't very good, so here's a photo of him. :)


Oh yes, I LOVE food! I really love cooking and baking, but I also love experiencing another culture, and I think that the best way to do so is to taste their food. Is it only me who likes strolling around the supermarkets to see what the locals like to consume? 

Feeling more connected

I don't think I need to explain this, but I'll try to. When leaving my family behind, I feel more connected to them, because when I arrive home after a long trip, my mother and brother will run to me and hug me tight. During my travels, my brother will message me a thousand times, asking what I'm up to, what the places I'm visiting are like, and telling me that he misses me much. My mum and my granny will act alike.

 The friends I leave behind will be excited to hear from me and receive a postcard from the wonderful place I am at.
 My relationship with the person I'm travelling with (most of the time, this is my amazing boyfriend) will strengthen and deepen, and the memories we create together will last forever.


Oh well. If there's a favourite things list, I must include Christmas! I can't even describe how very excited I'm for Christmas every time of the year. Now that it's only one and a half month away, I'm preparing like crazy for the most enchanting time of the year!

 If only we had some snow on Christmas Day!

Also, December almost means Christmas to me, so whenever I'm abroad in the last month of the year, I try my best to experience the given country's Christmas mood. Have I mentioned that I love Christmas Markets as well? How many times have I just written the word 'Christmas'?

What are your favourite things about travelling? :)


  1. I really struggled to pick just one as well - there are SO many amazing things to see & experience!

    1. Oh yes, it was even difficult to stop writing the list! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. My husband also has a thing for postcards! I love visiting a city that has an interesting selection, not just the usual touristy badly designed guff! ;)

    1. I totally understand both of you! Fortunately, there are some places offering very nice postcards :)