Friday, 2 October 2015

Mediterranean Hungary - Sopianae

Pécs is a wonderful town in Hungary, of which not many foreigners know about, eventhough it's the fifth largest city of the country! It's one of the most romantic Hungarian places I know, especially in the summer.

It's been inhabited since ancient times, therefore there are wonderful historical places all over the area, but mainly Turkish monuments. It feels really nice exploring the city on foot, admiring the wonderful mosques of Pasha Qasim, and Jakovali Hassan, the great old buildings. I love the sight of the beautiful cathedrals, chapels and synagogue. 

The city is also full of museums, that are absolutely worth a visit!

These include a Renaissance Museum, a Csontváry, Vasarely, and a Zsolnay Museum, and many more.
According to some sources, even Dracula used to live in Pécs!

The other main sight of the city is the wall of the love locks, which is special since the locks are no on a bridge, and it was also the first such place in Hungary!

Have you been to Pécs?