Friday, 30 October 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Accommodation

 As I've already written about it, we are planning our next trip, but it's still a secret where we are going. :) I've just booked our accommodation, which inspired me to write about how I choose a place to sleep.

After deciding where we are going, I start searching for the BEST accommodation possible. First of all, I decide about the type of accommodation we'd prefer and the amount of money we'd spend on it.
 As we are both students, we like to travel on a budget, therefore we never stay at hotels. When I was in England, I stayed at a mobilehome, and I loved it! But if one doesn't travel with a car, it's not the best place to choose, as it's often far from the centre with poor public transportation. 

 This summer, we travelled to Montenegro, where we managed to stay at a holiday apartment with a wonderful view!
 This next time, we are trying a different type of accommodation, for the first time - hostels!

 In my opinion, all types have advantages and disadvantages. For us, one of the most important thing is to keep the costs as low as possible, therefore we aim for hostels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday apartments.

 Fortunately, I've found some very useful pages that list all the accommodations in the given part of the world: hostel bookers,, expedia.

Now that we probably have a bunch of opportunities that only cost as much as we can afford, it's time to select the perfect one!

 For us, it's important that our place is near the centre - if possible, we wouldn't want to use the public transport very much, it's best if everything is in a walking distance. If it's not possible, we like to aim for a place away from the party district, so that we can sleep well at night, and it isn't dangerous to go outside in the middle of the night, but the surroundings are nice, and we possibly even have a room with a view! ;)

 Before booking, I like to read as many reviews of the hostel as possible, and try to avoid fake reviews. It's useful to look at their own gallery or instagram account, if they have one, but that may not say everything you need to know..
 I find it very useful to look for the place on tripadvisor, because they usually have lots of honest comments on the place, and people can even upload their own photos to the gallery, which says most about an accommodation. 

 It's good to know that there are different types of hostels: some of them are for the party-goers, some are for the introverts, others might be preferred by extroverts, so you might want to see what they have to offer.

 There are also some other differences you might want to know about: some places offer bed linen, towels and padlocks for you, included in the price, but some don't! You should look for these pieces of information before booking/travelling, so that your "holiday" won't cost more than expected.

 Some places have a kitchen that you can use to prepare your meals, but if won't have an opportunity to do so, you should also see if your accommodation offers you breakfast or dinner!

 I hope that you've found these tips useful! Do you have a favourite type of accommodation?:)

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