Thursday, 15 October 2015

24 Hours in the Woods

Thanks to my boyfriend, and to some of his acquitances, we had an opportunity to spend some time in a house in the woods. I was so very excited about this adventure, and fortunately, we didn't have to travel much. We packed warm clothes, some gluten-free things (like chocolate! and bacon! and tea! and rice!), and also some cards, then set off. We took the train, and after a while, we changed for the bus. 


When we got off the latter, we didn't first know where to head. We were expecting a cute little house on top of a hill, in the woods.. but turned out, the hill is a bit higher than we thought. This was just the first surprise. It didn't really surprise us that there was no electricity, but when we found out there wasn't even water in the house.. oh, well. 

 His acquitance left us some corn on the table, and a lovely welcome letter, that made us so happy! They even recommended us date ideas and some romantic places.
 We soon realised that we had a most amazing view from the porch, and this view was even more breathtaking at night! 

 Before the evening, we walked down to the river, to relax, and we had a lovely afternoon. During our walk, we asked some locals we met about where to get some water.. we had to climb up to the house again, grab some bowls, then walk a few miles to the next village, where we could find a spring! 

Near our house we could collect some walnuts and hazelnuts by the path, and we were very happy about it! 
 In the evening, we made a bonfire, where we prepared our dinner: bacon and corn. What a lovely meal!
 While eating, we admired the wonderful view of the castle opposite us, and listened to the sounds of nature. We had a nice talk by the fire, and we also played cards! It was a lovely night.

 After a good night's sleep, we woke up in the morning, and had some tea and chocolate for breakfast (healthy lifestly, right?). We went outside to admire our view, and have fun outside. We ate tons of hazelnuts!

 For lunch, we cooked rice and ate the left-over bacon. 

 We spent 24 amazing hours on top of the hill, in the house in the woods. 

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