Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Bright Town of Brighton

As you might have read in an other post, I left my heart in England. Or, a big part of it. I've been to this amazing country several times, but I still have a lot to explore!

 Brighton is definitely one of my favourite places here, and if you haven't visited this town yet, you will soon find out why I love it so much!

 As we arrived in Brighton, we were about to head to the Royal Pavilion, but first, we needed to take a look at the amazing beach!
 When we arrived at the palace, we were amused - the place took my breath away! The Royal Pavilion is not just a simple old palace, but one built in Indo-Saracenic stlye, and has Oriental interior. 
 The palace reminded me of the Taj Mahal, eventhough it has nothing to do with it haha.

After wandering around this wonderful palace, we walked around town, and then headed to the beautiful beach full of seagulls. We sat down on the beach, smelled the salty air, people-watched, and admired the waves, the pebbles and the two piers (okay, one of them is just a ruin).

 The Palace Pier features several resaturants, a funfair, and arcade halls, but the view from here is also picturesque!
 Also, this was the place where I first tasted fish and chips!

 Brighton was so lovely, I would be more than happy to return. 

Have you been to Brighton? Do you have a favourite beach town in Britain?


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  2. I had the opportunity to stay in Brighton for 2 weeks to work but I had to say nooo :'(

    1. :( I'm sorry about that! Hope you'll soon manage to visit Brighton, you'd totally love it!