Sunday, 13 September 2015

An Island in the Middle of Budapest

The capital of Hungary is divided by a river called Danube. In the middle of Budapest, and in the middle of the river, is an adorable island called 'Margaret Island'. This is the place to chill, have fun with friends, play with your dog, have a nice picnic, do some sports or exercises, or just read a book in the shades, by the water.

It's all about the water. As it totally surrounds you, since you're on an island, there's also a Japanese garden there, with a little lake, a waterfall and some cute turtles! You will also find a wonderful old water tower on the island, which you can also climb for a nice view, a music well, and you can even relax by the amazing musical fountain.

As you wander around, you will see amazing parks with lots of colurful flowers! If flowers wouldn't be enough for you, in the middle of the island is a free little zoo estabilished for animal lovers.

One of my favourite places here is the part of the island full of ruins. Those are the ruins of several old churches, and a convent. It's a nice place to have a good talk with your friends, or even a romantic date.

There are several hotels, bars, restaurants, pools on the island, and also an open-air theatre in the summer.

Have you ever been to a city with an island in the middle?

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