Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Spanish Date

Last week, we arrived to the second of our 'destinations' - we finally ate Spain! I had a really hard time figuring out what to prepare, since we've already tried several Spanish dishes (eg. paella). I wasn't even ready for this date of ours, because he had a surprise day-off, and I became ill, which left us a whole day together - and a chance to cook all day!
 These are the reasons why it didn't turn out as nice as the Caribbean date did - but at least, we cooked together (which we absolutely love!), and the food was super delicious!

 My idea was to prepare some gazpacho - a soup we've both heard of several times (not so good opinions), and wanted to try for long. I also wanted to bake a bread-kind-of-thing, but I really didn't have a clue what to serve it with, so we ate our cold gazpacho with a warm, gluten-free bread - the best one I've ever tried!
 I also prepared crema catalana.. but I couldn't manage to make that caramel-thing on top, since I don't have a cook's torch sooo.. it wasn't that beautiful, but it turned out really delicious! 

 To set the mood, we used colourful plates, and listened to some Spanish music he brought to the date:

 Oh, have I mentioned that my camera has broken, so the quality of my photos is lower than ever?

  1. Gazpacho

    I didn't actually follow a recipe here, I just gathered my ingredients together, cleaned them, put them into a blender, and done.
     I used tomato (home-grown!), cucumber, belly pepper, garlic, grated cheese, chili, salt, pepper,  rosemary. Decorated the soup with dried tomatoes and arugula.

  2. Potato-rosemary skillet flatbread
    I actually followed this amazing recipe , but changed some things, of course. I used ordinary potato, about 400 grams. Instead of the all-purpose flour, I poured in some rice flour, and added way more rosemary, and about two cloves of garlic. I didn't even microwave/bake the potatoes - I just grated them. According to my opinion, you could use any kind of cheese that is not the soft kind.

  3. Crema Catalana 

    I mixed together 180 grams of sugar and 4 egg yolks. then added a bit of cinnamon, cloves, starch, and a bit of lemon juice. In another bowl, I boiled 0.5 litres of milk and 300 ml of cream, plus a bit of cinnamon.
     After the boiling point, I mixed the two together, and kept cooking until dense (but not boiling!). You will need to leave it in the fridge for two hours afterwards. About the caramel, please, ask someone else who knows the trick!
    I served it with vanilla icecream.

Do you have a favourite Spanish meal?

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