Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sopron, the Gate to Austria

I have a thing for Sopron. I don't know if it has anything to do with its location, but I love this place so much!


 I've been to Sopron twice, and I experienced the city in two totally different ways. First, we went on a family trip. We wandered around the Old Town, which is surround by old stone walls, explored all the beautiful churches, went to interactive museums like the Museum of Mining. Oh, yes, and the Firewatch Tower - my favourite!
 We even climbed a mountain to see the whole place from a viewpoint, and the view took our breath away! We even went to daytrips to the Castle of Nagycenk and the Castle of Fertőd. During the summer, it feels amazing to travel to Lake Fertő and have a nice swim. 

Second time, I went to a festival with friends. Every afternoon, we went to the shop barefoot and in our PJs, and on our way home from the concerts, we watched the sun rise above the city from a hill.
The beautiful old days!

Have you been to Sopron?

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