Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fjords in a Bay - Kotor

There is a place in Montenegro that people like to call the place of Mediterranean fjords. There is a place in Montenegro from where you can get the most picturesque view in the country. There is a place in Montenegro where the Venetian architecture meets history, the wavy sea and the huge mountains.

It was Monday morning. We wake up at five, just to see the sun rise above the sea from our balcony. We were sipping our coffees when the sky turned pink, and enchanted us. 
 Just after breakfast, we pulled ourselves together, and walked to the bus station. Yes, we had to wait a lot - buses at the Balkan don't actually have a schedule. When we finally got on the bus, it felt like we were in a parody of the Balkan.. but I'll leave that to your imagination.
  All we wanted was to get to the fortification of Kotor before 8.00 AM (as you need to pay an entrance fee afterwards) - yes, yes, we did it! 7.59!

St. John's castle can be reached within an hour, even with some short breaks. Not only the view from up there is totally worth the whole trip, but you will also want to stop for a photo break after every other step. Even the way up there is diverse, and I'd recommend looking not only at the 'fjords', but even in the opposite direction - on the huge mountain behind the castle, there were like hundreds of goats! 
Climbing up the mountain in the early morning didn't only have the advantage of not having to pay, but we also avoided the crowd, and the weather only became schorching hot after we came down and walked around in the shady old town.

 As you enter an old gate, after crossing a small stone bridge, you find yourself in the fabulous old town of Kotor. You can see the Venetian influence here as well. The adorable narrow streets, the wonderful buildings, the cozy main square, the clocktower, the churches... 


  1. It looks!

  2. Such a beautiful place! I wanna go!!

    1. You really should see Eastern Europe! This place was awesome!