Saturday, 8 August 2015

Best towns in Hungary

Lots of travellers haven't been to Hungary, but those who have, mostly just had a quick trip to Budapest. 
This inspired me to present my list of the towns I like most in Hungary, apart from the capital, which I love to bits as well!

When I find a travel blog, the first thing I'm looking for is Hungary - not because all I care about is my native country, but because this is how I can see if the blog is good enough (to me) or not. Do I feel like I want to come to Budapest after reading the post? Did this person really try to get the Budapest-feeling, or just went for the main attractions? When I read this post, do I recognize my hometown? 

Sopron (Western-Hungary)

Nagymaros-Visegrád (Central-Hungary)

Hollókő (Northern-Hungary)

Esztergom (Northern-Hungary)

Pécs (Southern-Hungary)

Gödöllő (Central-Hungary)

Keszthely (Balaton Region)

Do you have a favourite Hungarian town?

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