Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Ruin Pub in Budapest

Budapest has lately become famous for its amazing ruin pubs. These places are really close to my heart, as the buildings were usually built over 100 years ago, and this is also true for their furniture. You are totally surrounded by history, and I often wonder what these walls and armchairs could tell me.. 

 The original, the one, is of course, Szimpla. It's in the middle of the party-district of Budapest, which really adds to the mood. The place is full of interesting people every night, mostly foreigners, but you can also meet lots of Hungarian folks. This place is enjoyed by every age group! During the day, there are less people, and you can wander around, to see what it's all like and just chill with your friends. 

 This forever-changing pub will always be able to surprise you, and you will never get bored here!

I'd also recommend two less touristy places for you: One is Udvar Rom, a bit simpler, but also in the party-district. My other favourite is Trapéz, a smaller but just as ruiny pub as Szimpla, right behind the Great Market Hall.

If you'd like to see a list of the best ruin pubs in Budapest, read an article on the topic here.

Do you like ruin pubs?