Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Montenegrin Hawaii

There's an emerald green island in Budva that the locals call Hawaii. You can get there by boat, which is an incredible experience already, since you can travel in a stretched net above the crystal clear sea.

 It's a small island - but you can easily spend a whole day, or two, just enjoying the atmospehere. I don't know what Hawaii is like, but if it's as good as Sveti Nikola, it's on top of my bucketlist!
 What I liked about this place was that there were lots of people, but still wasn't too touristy. There are three beaches along the shore, a cute old church, a restaurant with a toilet, a bar, and lots of cliffs. What else could I wish for?

First, we just took a walk around the place, exploring the little corners, enjoying the view. We decided to climb some cliffs. It was a bit scarry, but we did it! The view is fabulous from up there, and it's an unforgettable experience. We also saw lots of cacti. I love cacti!

Do you have a favourite island?