Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Venice in Montenegro - Budva

We spent some wonderful days in Budva, enjoying its beaches, exploring its old town, relaxing and having fun. It's a charming town during the day, and a party town during the night. :)
 Fortunately, our accommodation was in the most perfect part of Budva, just above the old town :) 

I absolutely preferred this part to the city centre, which was too simple. Also, those beaches were overcrowded, and sometimes dirty, too.

Our favourite beaches were :
 Mogren 1-2, Sveti Nikola, and also the two beaches on the sides of the old town.

We used to walk the old town's streets every day. It really felt like being in Venice, as it used to be part of the Venetian Republic. Narrow, winding little streets, tall buildings of stone, restaurants and cafes, checked tablecloths, clothes hung-out above your head, smell of pancake..

Visiting the Citadel was also a great experience, though the ticket was a little too expensive. We went up the walls, explored the wonderful library and finally found the fish!! Oh, and let's not forget about the view.. 

Have you ever been to Budva?

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