Saturday, 25 July 2015

Island of Luxury - Sveti Stefan

Have you heard of Sveti Stefan? A 15th century fishing village, in the middle of the Budva Riviera, with red roof tiles, old stone walls, covered by ivy, surrounded by strong high walls and crystal clear turqoise sea. Today, the island of luxury.

 It looks breathtaking. Unfortunately, you can only go inside the village, in case you have tons of money you don't really need, but it looks charming even from the outside. You could feel absolutely special when diving or swimming by the wonderful ivy covered old stone walls, especially if you know who else has done the same right here, just on the opposite side of the beach - one could mention names like Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Princess Margaret or Kirk Douglas.

We took the bus from Budva to Rafailovici, and from Rafailovici we walked to Sveti Stefan through Przno and Milocer. You could also take the bus to Sveti Stefan, but we really wanted to see these wonderful places. A bus ticket for one way costs €1.50
(Sveti Stefan - Budva).
 My favourite of these towns was Przno, you will see why!

Rafailovici is famous for its great rock tunnel which you can see above. It was amazing walking through this huge rock, and it also felt nice, as it was a lot cooler inside, than outside, just so that you know. There are also some big rocks on the beach that we climbed on top for a beautiful view. What I also loved about the town was the great amount of green pebbles and rocks in the crystal clear sea - I'm very interested in why they were green, so if you have the answer, don't hold it back! 

Przno used to be an adorable fishing village, with roof tiles reminding everyone of the Mediterranean, cute light blue window frames and really old stone buildings.  In this cute little town, time has definitely stopped, and well, we should't forget about my favourite: the ruins of a small stone castle in the sea, right next to the beach! 

Right next to Milocer beach is the castle of Milocer, the former summer residence of the royal family, with a great view of Sveti Stefan - because of all the luxury, the beach is small, clean, and private, of course, surrounded by wonderful gardens and parks full of exotic flowers and trees. Lovely!

Have you been to Montenegro?

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