Saturday, 11 July 2015

An afternoon in Zebegény

There's a beautiful hidden village by the Danube. It has cute little houses, cozy cafes, old churches, amazing buildings, a street of sunflowers, a spring of water, and a viewpoint overlooking the Danube bend. 

There's a cute little street, not far from the Danube bank, that is called the sunflower-street. The houses have icons of sunflowers all around them, and they have the flower in their gardens as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out about its history, but it's really nice walking past these homes. 

 Walking around town makes me feel a bit like being in the misterious English countryside (or maybe I read too much Agatha Christie?), and I just can't deny how much I love its atmosphere. I like to arrive here on train, because that just definitely adds to the feeling!

 From top of the hill, and the viewpoint, there's a picturesque view of the river, the surrounding mountains and the small village. I could hardly think of a better place to relax!

 Have you been to Zebegény?

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