Thursday, 18 June 2015

Tihany, the Town of Lavender

If there's a magical place by the lake Balaton, it's Tihany, of course! I've been to this town several times, but it was in 2013 when we really got to explore it..

We arrived by bus, and we walked the way up to the abbey. Going inside the abbey is a really interesting experience, if you're interested in all things history! :) There's a square in front of the abbey, from where the view is just picturesque of the amazing turquoise water and the surrounding mountains. 

After that, we walked around town, and fell in love with all the cute little houses and the gardens full of levanders! We also went to explore the Inner Lake, which was lovely. He also felt like exploring the geyser field, which I was not very enthusiastic about, since it was around 40°C , and we also kinda got lost.. but when we finally got there, it was amazing, and the view.. breathtaking!

We also decided to see the hermits' caves, which was also a special experience, and a nice hike. Afterwards, we headed to some hidden beaches of the town, which were all covered by tiny shells! It was absolutely amazing. I guess I just don't need to explain why I adore this place :)

Gluten-free icecream and cone:
Levendula Fagyizó

Which is your favourite town by the Balaton?

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