Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Waking up in Hallstatt

 This spring we visited Austria, again, but now an unexplored part of the country. :) We explored two towns, but it was an unforgettable experience to just travel through such a fabulous scenery, between mountains, in deep valleys, among lakes and huge waterfalls. :)

We woke up in Hallstatt, in the town where I had wanted to go forever. 

 Since the sun wasn't shining, I was wishing for a really foggy weather.. it worked ;)
 Hallstatt is an unimaginably beautiful town, and also very cozy.
 We walked along a narrow street, on one side the wonderful lake, on the other, lovely houses, huge mountains and a waterfall. 

Arriving at the main square, we saw adorable pastell houses, beautiful churches, a nice view turning to the lake, and lots of swans.
 Narrow, but high stairs took us to the smallest, and nicest cemetery I've ever seen, to another church and the bone chapel. It had an amazing atmosphere. :)


Unfortunately, we didn't have much time, so I really hope that I'll have a chance (or more) to go back, in the summer, when we can also swim in the lake :)

Have you been to Hallstatt? :)

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