Thursday, 14 May 2015

Capital of Balaton - Siófok

When I was a child, we often travelled to Siófok in the summer, and I liked it very much!
Last March, my boyfriend and I decided to go back, so we hopped on a train to see the city and the lake off-season.. :)

 There were lots of things I had forgotten about this place, but I was very happy to see that my favourite things hadn't changed a bit since I last saw them. :)

When I was small, I didn't associate Siófok with all the things people think of when hearing about this place. Of course, I didn't think of the party district and the Petőfi sétány.

I loved the small summer houses, the empty streets with the molten asphalt. The tall pinetrees in our garden, eating watermelon sitting in the grass, playing cards late at night, the towels drying on the porch, the pier by the lake, the sandcastles we built.. 

So, this is where we headed back to, in March, wearing winter coats, then, in the summer, again. :)

I loved how beautifully some things were renovated, and I loved the new treasures like the Japanese garden!
If you have some time in Siófok, you should totally see the watertower at night, as it's wonderful and makes a romantic date.

More photos here :)

Do you have a favourite town by the Balaton?:)

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