Monday, 13 April 2015

Ups and Downs: A Lake and a Mountain

It's been almost three years that one of my friends and I played tourists in my hometown, Budapest.. we wrote a long list, collected the destinations, the typical tourist attractions and our favourites. We spent three nights at an unknown apartment (couchsurfing at home!), and had a tight schedule everyday. Despite the fact that I am from Pest, I really had that touristy feeling :)
The things I added to the list were Mount Gellért and the Feneketlen-tó (Bottomless lake). They are a nice walk away from each other.

This lake is like one in a fairy tale. Really cozy, not only to walk around, but to sit on the benches and look at the lake, or have a picnic and some glasses of wine. Eventhough it's in the middle of the city, it's peaceful and lovely indeed. :)

I guess, I won't need to introduce Mount Gellért.. :) It's even an adventure to take the path leading up there, but finally getting there is he best! There are some balcony-like things on the way up, which I really like! :) There are always lots of people at the Citadela, most of them tourists, but this just adds to the experience :)
And well, the view is picturesque, no matter the time of the day or the year.

Have you been to Budapest yet? Do you have favourite places here?

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