Friday, 24 April 2015

100-year-old Houses | Budapest100

Next time, I'll take it seriously to wear comfortable shoes for such occassions, since you walk long miles during this event :)

Budapest 100 is an event, where, thanks to the organizers, you can go inside 100-year-old houses and buildings, and hear about their history.
Both my boyfriend and I like to sneak into old houses to look around, so we were really enthusiastic about all this!

Our favourite was, of course, 42 Szív Street, where the atmosphere and the mood of the people was really welcoming. Everyone was really nice and friendly, and the helpful volunteer gave us some interesting tasks (our favourite was the one where we had to lookf or details), while the habitants brought us homemade cookies and lemonade.:) All of them spent lots of time on preparing for this weekend.

Szív utca 42. 

Thököly út 58.

Cházár András utca 18.

Have you fallen in love with Budapest?

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