Saturday, 11 April 2015

What to See in the City of Dreams - Vienna

I've been to Vienna soo many times, but just how much I still love it! It is somewhat similar to Budapest, but you can feel that Austrian-effect.. I've 'only' been to Vienna during the winter yet, to see the Christmas Market, which I like a lot! But hopefully, I will be able to re-explore the city in nice weather soon :)

Outside of the city centre, I'd recommend seeing the Hundertwasser-houses once in a lifetime, as they are pretty interesting and unique! After the second visit, I'd say it becomes a bit boring, to be honest, but if someone likes this style, they will surely fall in love!
A little bit further from here, there's a black and white version of this house, I like that one much better!

Castle Schönbrunn is fabulous inside-out, there's even a zoo in the garden, and the park is breathtaking! It's lovely walking around the place, it must be somewhat nicer in the spring, among the fountains and flowers. :) My favourite is the Gloriette, where Franz Joseph had his breakfast each sunny morning. This building is alredy fascinating, and the view from up there is just way better, and so cozy.. Drinking mulled wine in front of the Gloriette, eating roasted chestnut, in the snowfall.. just wow!

It's not only the downtown's peaceful, cafe-mood that got me, but also its architecture.. Hundreds of extraordinary buildings and styles in one place :)

 The streets and buildings are very beautifully decorated during the winter season, and you'll totally get in the Christmas mood while roaring Vienna's charming streets.
I like a nice walk in one of the city's wonderful parks, and just walking around Hofburg.
In late November and in December, the streets are always crowded, though, not the irritatingly crowded kind of crowded. 

Rathausplatz has my favourite Christmasmarket in Vienna, and it offers such a picturesque view of the Christmas-city!

The Austrian capital also has some wonderful churches all around, and as they are also free to enter, they are really worth visiting, especially Stephanskirche!

Gluten-free options/ Gluténmentes lehetőségek:
Cafe Demel

If you are visiting during the holiday season, I'd recommend you drinking punch with Red Bull, mulled cider, and mulled wine with whiskey :)

Have you visited Vienna yet? 

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