Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Best Spa in the Country of Spas - Hévíz

Yesterday, we travelled to Hévíz, so that we could tick an other item off our bucketlist :) We've been planning this for a real long time, and we really deserved it on the last weekend before the spring semester.

First, we went on a long walk around town, for more excitement :D It's a really nice and friendly town, and has lots of gluten free stuff! We could find gluten free food at the farmers market, and in several cafés. You also have gluten-free options at the Hunguest Hotel Helios! 
After seeing all the churches, cute streets and after a nice walk in the forest, we finally crossed the threshold!

We bought a '3-hour' ticket, and we swimmed both inside and outside. The lake was really deep, so my feet couldn't ever touch the bottom. :D
It was really cold outside, the air was about 2°C, and the water about 25°C. It was wonderful, the forest in the background, the silhouette of the building, the water lilies on the surface of the lake.. :) Inside the building, the water was much warmer, so there were a lot more people there than outside.

 Next to the buffets, there are fountains with thermal water to drink, and you can have showers with thermas waters as well.

We thought we were going to be courageous, and we wanted to try the mud bath.. but after a few seconds, we gave up :D
 But we had a really nice time at the spa! :)


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