Friday, 23 January 2015

Advent in Poland - Krakow and Zakopane

We travelled to Poland before Christmas, and right before the exam term. I was a bit nervous about all the exams coming up, but in the end, I passed them all :)

Honestly, we really underestimated Krakow, the photos that we had seen before weren't really promising, but we fell in love with the city instantly! Anywhere we went, we bumped into sights.

At the main square, there was an adorable Christmas market (here we managed to buy mistletoe!), and I could say the same about the Cloth Hall.

What really surprised us: the prices! Everything was sooo cheap, we had to check the pricetags a number of times before paying, because we couldn't believe our eyes.

We also visited some old universities, and the oh so wonderful square with the St. Paul and St. Peter Churches.

 Wherever we go, we must taste something local, so my boyfriend tried something like a pretzel, but he didn't like it much. I tasted artisan cheese with bluberry jam (serki z grilla), and we loved that very much! :)We bough chocolates, too (I could recommend Wawel Danusia), and we also managed to buy gluten free snacks (Sonko Pop Cool Chips).

Our favourite Krakow sights were the Wawel (we managed to climb the tower as well!), and the St Peter and Paul churches, and I really liked the dragon and the gettho (Kazimierz) too :)

We will definitely go back to Zakopane, because we didn't have a chance to explore it perfectly. :) The sight of the snowy pineforests, the local architecture and the wonderful mountains swept us off our feet!

Everything was really cozy, and we also managed to buy some special mulled wine :)

Where's your favourite Christmas Market?

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