Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Bucket List

The Bucket List is one of my favourite movies, and my friends like it just as much as I do!
A few days after I watched the movie, I purchased a hardcover book, and ever since then I'm writing the list zealously, sticking in photos of important memories. 

When I feel down, I like to turn over the pages, remember, or plan ahead, and when I'm bored, I collect ideas for new experiences.
The bucketlist isn't about unattainable goals, but everything that makes us happy :)

It's inspiring, motivating, positive, and gives a sense of achievement. Not only the number of the ticks grow, but also the items, and it is an invaluable experience to achieve a goal.
On my list, there are especially destinations, concerts, movies, meals/cuisines, events, and long-term goals. :)

Not least, my grandchildren will be terribly proud of their hilarious and awesome granny!

Today, another item to be ticked off:

Do you have a bucketlist? What's on it?

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