Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Positivity Jar #1

2014.01.01. - 2014.12.31.

Now, that the blog is a week young, the time has come to write a post like this :) I do the 'Positivity jar-project' in 'real life' as well, I have a huge jar and load it with positive stuff everyday. But to make this positivity-stuff even more intense, I'll write posts like this hopefully every Tuesday :)

♥snowfall ♥travelling through snowy lands ♥eating cake with Balázs ♥vanilla candle ♥tidy house ♥frostwork on the window ♥floating island ♥plans ♥shopping at the craft store ♥gluten free cereals for breakfast ♥my camera is at the service, finally ♥fish and lemon! ♥my old prom mask is new again! ♥new swimming dress for class ♥cool timetable for the next semester ♥hot chocolate with banana 

How was your week?

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