Friday, 30 January 2015

IKEA candles

Because I LOVE IKEA, I often go the accidentally, and in such cases, I smell all of their candles. If I had the money, I'd totally buy them all!
They not only make an amazing decoration, but they also make wonderful gifts, they were really popular this Christmas in our family. :)
They are really not expensive, they can be burnt for long hours, and they smell exactly like when you smell them at the store.
Mom received the lilac-smelling one, because she's a huge fan of lilacs.
This is the only candle that really smells like the flower. This smell is really natural, nice, and reminds me of spring and Mothers's Day! 

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the one my grandmother got for Christmas, it's the red fruit version. I guess it says a lot that she has already burnt the whole candle!
It smells really fresh, very fruity. It reminds me of summer and strawberries. 

I received this one from my sister, "soft vanilla", and I love it's cute glass a lot! I can even smell it in my whole room when the top is removed, but the candle isn't lit :)
It's a light, soft smell.

 From my grandma, I received this gingerbread (?) candle. It smells like some Christmas cookies, with lots of spices and walnuts :)

This is a set of three, that I surprised myself with last year ;)
The first one smells like brownie; chocolate, spices, really good!
The second one reminds me of a good flan, very special and sweet. A perfect smell for the autumn, I love it!
The third one is a vanilla-cardamom thing, a simple vanilla candle, but with a bit more spices. :)

I've also got a simple vanilla candle some years ago, I would prefer not to show a photo, because I've used it so many times it now looks awful :D So yes, it smells amazing, like vanilla milk :)

Do you have a favourite candle?

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