Thursday, 22 January 2015

On Top of Hungary - Kékestető

On our 1.5-year-anniversary, we needed to celebrate ourselves, so my boyfriend surprised me with a wonderful trip to Kékestető!
On the day of the anniversary, we met at the Keleti railway station, and I had no clue of where we were going. We took a train, then found ourselves in a scary old village. Then, took another train, wandered around a big town near the mountains, and after that, we took a bus up to a mountain. 

A few hours later, we were at Kékestető (highest point of Hugary, 1014 metres), and it was soo beautiful :)

Even though it was not snowing heavily, the mountain was covered by snow, and the view from up there took our breath away!

We were not lucky enough to arrive on time, but if you get there before 16:00, you will be able to climb up to the viewpoint, and even see much more of the surrounding little villages and mountains.

Luckily, at the end of our trip, and right before us leaving the place, it started snowing, which made it even more magical :)
The view was picturesque!

What's the highest point you've been to?

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