Wednesday, 21 January 2015

25 Facts about Me

  1. I always write lists of everything, there are lots of post-its on my desk, and notes in my phone. My favourites are the handwritten ones!
  2. I prefer writing everything by hand, I'm unable to take notes on my laptop at class, or learn from printed notes. I have a huge amount of pens, markers and exercise books, and I can spend hours at a paper shop.
  3. I LOVE black pens!
  4. I adore postcards, and I collect them from around the world. I always ask for a postcard when someone travels abroad.
  5. I have a tattoo since 2012. I like it a lot, and it always improves my mood when I look at it. It means a lot to me :)

  6. I love taking photos, of anything, anytime. I'm a total amateur, and I do it for my own pleasure :) Photos
  7. I love everyhing coconut; food, drink, body wash, lotion.
  8. And I like lotion, too!
  9. For 1.5 years, I have known that I'm a gluten intolerant. It's extremely difficult at times, but I can deal with it. I'm also a lactose intolerant, but I don't care about that much, it doesn't cause difficulities to me.
  10. When it comes to food, I'm really picky
  11. I really love to experiment with recipes, try extraordinary meals, and pair foods that do not match
  12. My favourite is cheese, I eat everything with that (okay, almost), but I love walnuts, chocolate, shrimps and salads as well.
  13. I'm also an IKEA-maniac! Furniture, ornaments, food, drink, everything! :)
  14. I'm scared of forests, and I hate them. Except for pineforests, I love those!
  15. I LOVE going to concerts and festivals!
  16. I can't bear having people around me who count calories in my lunch.
  17. I really love creating DIY gifts, and also to receive them. 
  18. Anglophilia.
  19. I'm not afraid of doctors or medical check-ups. I kinda like them.
  20. I'm also a history-maniac, and I adore antiques.
  21. I'm interested in everything in connection with Indians an their tribes.
  22. I love cobble stones.
  23. I really love to travel, both inland and abroad. Luckily, I've been to a number of places already :)
  24. I have an awful face memory.. maybe, I don't even have one.
  25. I like to learn foreign languages - Apart from Hungarian, I speak English, Spanish and a little German :)

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